Sunday, November 29, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 272: What kind of wardrobe do I need to be an extra?

The first thing to determine is your type and what kind of scenes you'd be brought in for. Unless money is not an issue, start with 5 wardrobe choices that you are most likely to be brought in for. Examples are: business attire, upscale party attire, hip student attire, average Joe (or Jane) attire, and mom or dad (decide your money bracket).

Some background artists, after many years in the industry and knowing their type, make specific wardrobe purchases, like: nurse, cop, or security guard uniforms. Just know, that in many of these castings, they will have that specific wardrobe for you.

Your best bet is to sign with an established extras casting company and ask for feedback from them. You may also want to ask advice from the established background artists you meet on your first few jobs.

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