Tuesday, October 13, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 225: how do I manage a crew that was given to me not chosen & resent that I'm here?

Well, that doesn't sound like a fun situation, however, I always say, "Acknowledge the purple elephant in the room." Call a crew meeting to discuss the obvious situation; you were forced on them. Then, hit them where it counts the most- their livelihood. In a professional way, explain that it may not be the situation they desired, but it's the situation they've been given. So they have two choices:

1. They can all keep acting the same way, and no one will have a good experience
2. They can view this as an opportunity. They should remember, that whomever is normally in your place, may not always be working (this being case and point), therefore, if this should prove to be an enjoyable work situation, it may prove in the long run to mean more work and opportunities for them. Why? Because, you will have the opportunity to hire them again as well as pass on recommendations for them to your colleagues, who have opportunities for them.

One of the biggest mistakes crew people make, is being loyal to a fault. I'm all for loyalty, in fact, I demand it, but if they were SO loyal, they should have left when their "person" was fired or not brought on. They chose to stay, so now they have an opportunity to expand their relationship with you and your people.

Their choice: lemonade out of lemons or moldy lemons.

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