Sunday, February 5, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1065: Is it appropriate to ask out someone on set or could I get in trouble for sexual harassment?

I'm not an expert on sexual harassment laws/rules... I'm a little concerned that you're associating asking someone out with it, but perhaps I'm naive and there are far more lawsuits going on than I know about.

If you are on a show that has an end date, maybe you can wait until wrap. If you're on a long-running episodic, trust your instincts. It's about intention. As long as you ask politely and can accept the possibility of "no" as an answer, you'll probably be okay. BUT I'M NOT A LAWYER.

That said, I do support balance in your life and if you think this 'someone' could have potential, it's worth having a love life in addition to a work life, so figure out what you have to do to say YES to romance... you're bringing out the romantic comedy girl in me :-)

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