Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Question 99: I tried creating rapport like you suggested in Questions 28 & 29 and it felt weird and obvious. What am I doing wrong?

What makes you think you're doing something wrong? 

Did you read # 30? When you're conscious of creating rapport, it feels weird at first, but once you put all of your attention on the other person and really listen, it will happen naturally. I love watching my dogs. I've always had two at a time. No matter what breed they are, they always end up having the same mannerisms. They lay down in the same position, their tails wag in harmony. 

Instead of matching or mirroring the big and obvious, like hand gestures, start with head tilts, facial expressions, speed of speech. Get comfortable with it. By the time you are comfortable, you won't even notice how easily and deeply you naturally go into rapport.  
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