Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1122: I made close to 300 phenomenal connections on LinkedIn, now what?

He goes into more detail about what he does and the types of contacts he's made. He is also very savvy about the business understanding that making his next step a solicitation to hear his work would not be the best move. So he wants to know what's next?

He wants to send them a professional email. Great. He also has something he can ask advice about... how to pursue a licensing deal. His concern is that he will have to point them to his songs.

Not necessarily. If you send an email, asking for their advice on three questions you have about pursuing a licensing deal (or 1 or 2 questions), that are questions you REALLY want to know the answer to, you don't have to point them to your music unless THEY request to be pointed toward it. The key to the questions (as you appear to be very knowledgeable to me based on the email you sent) is that they must be questions you don't know the answers to. And if you think you have a pretty good idea of how to pursue it, you can state that in the email, saying what you know to do, and if they can give you feedback on your plan as well as any further advice.

As written in this blog many many times before, and you seem to have a strong grasp on it--
It takes 3 conversations to create a relationship, so ask for things they can say yes to first before asking them for help with things that would cause them to put up a wall. LinkedIn isn't as social as Facebook, so do your best to get those 3 "communications" with them.

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