Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 972: What are the best ways to pursue work out of your state since many productions are shooting all around?

The most challenging thing about pursuing work (the person who asked this question works both as an actor and in production) is that you're not available to audition or interview in person. Here are some methods that have worked for others who live in smaller production cities or in other countries:

1. Put yourself on tape. You can get sides for the auditions you want, put your audition on tape and send it to the Casting Office. (Be advised, this is something you do ONLY when it is a perfect role for you, and a big role, because most productions will not fly someone to Los Angeles for a co-star role) Note also, this is what many would consider "taking a risk." Not all casting directors appreciate this approach, but then again, they're not paying your rent and you have to do what it takes to get a job.

2. Pursue work in the closest production cities to build you resume. To do this, create relationships through referrals and mentors with people who can hire you or know people who can hire you in those production cities.

To get hired outside of your city people have to know you. So start reaching out.

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