Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Question 162: I hear you're the Keynote speaker at the DV Expo. Very cool! You know I'm a director, should I go?

Everyone in the entertainment industry should go! It's a Digital Video Expo which means, anyone who works directly with digital video, wants to work with someone who works with digital video, and/or wants to meet someone who works with digital video AND may know someone you want to meet, MUST BE THERE.

Not only will there be cool techie stuff to check out, there will be educational programming (including yours truly doing the keynote speech on "the business side of the business"and a breakout room on "the keys to success at a networking event.")

And of course, in my book, the number one reason to attend the DV Expo is because it is an opportunity to network with thousands of people. That means that you can potentially add 100 new contacts to your contact list. In question 157, I was asked the "minimum number of people one should know." I answered 100. I broke that number down over twelve months. You can meet them ALL in 1-3 days!

Get your butt to the DV Expo!

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