Saturday, June 6, 2009

Question 95:What if I know people are talking about me at Union Networking events? Should I still go?

Look, this is business, not high school. I have no idea if people are talking about you or not. What I do know is that there are SO many people in this industry that you should ignore the catty group and meet other people. Your union is providing you with the opportunity to do this. Focus on creating strong bonds with new people.    

Pursuing relationships in this industry is like dating. You're not going to connect with everyone and that's okay. The problem is when you only know a few people and you desperately try to force relationships that aren't worth it. Find the like-minded people and surround yourself with people who uplift and inspire you! 

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Question 94: How should I dress for an interview with an agent?

"Dress the part." This is not an interview for corporate America. I recently coached a beautiful young girl who'd had a terrible meeting with a commercial agent. She had a meeting with a second one and wanted better results. I asked her what she thought went wrong. The biggest problem she felt, was that she wore a dressy dress, and for the next one, planned to wear a pencil skirt (corporate look). I told her NO WAY! Dress the way you will be cast. She's right for Sprite, cell phones, and everything young and hip. So she wore a cute polka dotted sundress, and Viola, the second agent wanted to sign her on the spot.

Know your signature look/style and brand it in your appearance as well as your art. If you're an "academic" cinematographer, wear your glasses and a sport coat- not a suit and tie. If you're an "imaginative" production designer, be creative and colorful with your clothes. If you're a hip and trendy costume designer, you better dress hip and trendy. 

Your personal brand is reflected in everything from how you dress to the cover on your DVD reel. It should all reflect your art. I work from home in a plush and comfy bathrobe, but I'm certainly not going to be cast that way, so I suck it up and put on the Va Va Va Voom clothes when I have a meeting. Yup, the Uggs have to stay at home and the high heeled boots hit the pavement. That's entertainment!

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