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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 826: What do I do when I have to work and "life" shows up?

THIS WAS PULLED FROM THE ARCHIVES because someone wrote in a similar question and instead of sharing his pain, I'll just remind you of mine :-) I lost my Jakey in Dec 2010. I will always miss him!

This is what I've been asking myself all day. At 9:20am, this morning, five minutes before I was supposed to leave to give a seminar for The Actors Fund of America, my 13-year-old Lab had what appeared to be a stroke. I was rushed, confused and torn. I knew I had a group of 70+ waiting for me, but my dog is like my child.

What do I do when I have to work and "life" shows up?

You make choices. Sometimes hard choices. I called my sister, who works across the street, and had her come home and get him so she could bring him to the vet. I told her I'd be turning my phone off, because I couldn't hear any bad news before going on-stage. Once I made the choice, I committed to it, and gave my audience 100%.

When it was over, I called my sister. I got the update on Jake. It was not a stoke, but he was not out-of the woods. I had a new client to meet. I gave him 100%. I left him, called my sister, she was on her way to the vet and wanted me to meet her. I explained I was driving home for another client, and would come over after. I gave my next client 100%. THEN I went to the vet to be with my boy. There was nothing I could do for him during the course of the day that my sister couldn't handle.

What do I do when I have to work and "life" shows up?
1. Make a quick evaluation of the choices
2. Ask for help
3. Use my tools, to be "in the moment" with whatever choice I make
4. Forgive myself for any uncertainty about the decision I made

He's still at the vet who is optimistic. I'll know more tomorrow.

What do I do when I have to work and "life" shows up? The very best that I can. And that's all you can do.