Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1087: How can I meet Casting Directors?

This was a question asked of me at a networking event, by a very charming young man. Our conversation didn't start out about his acting, it started out regarding his book which became a best seller. It's subject matter, imitates what my favorite writer did 30 years ago, so I was instantly pulled into the conversation. As we got further into the discussion and he brought up acting, I asked him the first question I always ask, "how many people do you know in the entertainment industry." His answer was 300 (that's 100 more than the "sweet spot"). Now I knew something was missing. How can he know so many people and not be making any progress?

Naturally I asked him my next question, "how many casting directors do you know?" He floundered for a moment then said, "one, sort of." AH HA! Mystery solved. So naturally he asked me how he was supposed to meet casting directors. I told him I'd answer him in my blog.

1. Ask the people you already know to give you referrals to the casting directors they know
2. Build relationships through casting director workshops (there's a whole strategy to this, but you have to coach with me... I can't give you all of my secrets for free)
3. Offer to do an internship in casting directors' offices
4. Attend networking events that involve casting directors
5. Join philanthropic organizations that casting directors are a part of

Yes, you have to do research for 4 & 5. Remember casting directors are people, treat them with respect and always look to create a win/win.

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