Saturday, December 19, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 292:How about getting a TV series as a DP after working as an operator for 20 years?

This was a comment on question 283. Absolutely, that's possible. It's probably one of the most traditional ways to get a DP job on a television series. After 20 years, I sure hope you've developed relationships with the executive producers and network execs on the shows you've worked on.

In some cases, your DP will move you up when he/she gets the opportunity to direct an episode. Either way, it's about the relationships you have. If you're ready to make the move up, you have to start talking to the contacts you've made through the years.

In some cases, you may be asked for a reel. If the only reel you have is an operator reel, you're going to have to create a reel as a DP. As all the name talents will tell you (and I'm sure you know already), lighting is crucial to a show. Directors may change around every episode, but the DP creates the look that sets up the show. In some cases, the lighting is literally a "character" in the series.

So, before network execs take a chance on you lighting a show that hasn't been "set" by another DP, you're going to need a reel, that proves you can do the job.

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