Saturday, August 15, 2009

Question 166: what if people are discouraging me from sitcoms because it's too hard to break into?

What high demand job where you can make a lot of money isn't hard to break into? People who are successful are successful for a reason: Determination!

Okay, for more than one reason:
1. Determination/drive
2. Perseverance
3. Action in spite of fear
4. Willingness to do the work
5. A strong support system

And in many cases:
6. Talent/skill
7. Strong people skills
8. Willingness to learn
9. Going the extra mile
10. Belief in themselves

Feel free to add your own in the comment section. People can find reasons to tell you that you can't do something... that's easy. Your job is to find the people, who knowing your challenges, support your dreams and help you figure out "how" to make them come true.

Like I wrote yesterday: KEEP WRITING. The business part you can learn on the way.

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