Saturday, March 7, 2009

Question 4: How do I turn a cold call into a warm call?

As I pointed out yesterday, people in the entertainment industry don't respond well to cold calls. If you want to "warm up" your call, the BEST way, is to get a referral to the person you're calling.

If you don't know anyone who knows the person you're calling, do research on the person.  Find a common link, something you admire, or a question that only he/she can answer.  

Whenever possible, send a personalized letter introducing yourself and explaining the reason for your call- BEFORE you make the call.  This way, the person can absorb what you're calling about and be expecting your call. 

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Anonymous said...

How would I know where to send the letter?

matt mosher said...

Pretend that you already know them.

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