Thursday, April 9, 2009

Question 36: What do you do when someone is stealing the conversation? Part 2

I think I'm going to stick with yesterday's answer... TRIP.

Perhaps tomorrow's question should address long hours.  18 hour day today. Back on track tomorrow.  Thanks for hanging in!

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The Greenlight Coach said...

The bottom line is if someone is rudely dominating a conversation not allowing others to interject and create a relationship, something must be done to change the dynamic of the conversation. I joked saying "fake tripping" to divert the attention to you, but that's really a metaphor. If a third party is interrupting or if you're in a circle of people where one is stealing the conversation, you have some options, ask one person from the group to step aside with you because you have something you want to discuss, excuse yourself to find another conversation to get into, or carefully point out that the person clearly is very knowledgeable on the subject, and you'd like to hear what the others have to offer. Hopefully the dominator will get the message. A kooky example of this is watching Group Dates on ABC's The Bachelor

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