Saturday, April 11, 2009

Question 39: Why is it important to BCC my mass emails?

Ah, GREAT question!!! And no doubt in response to my latest Facebook post. 

Let me start by explaining BCC (Blind CC) for those of you whom are unfamiliar with it. In an email that you are sending to more than one person, you have 3 choices of how to send it:

1. To: specifically to whom you're sending your email 
2. Cc: carbon copy- others whom it may relate to, so you feel they should read it
3: Bcc: blind carbon copy- NO ONE you send it to sees who else you sent it to. 

What happens if you send to more than one person via "To" or "Cc?" Everyone receiving that email now has all of the email addresses of your colleagues.   

In business, this has the potential to create privacy issues. If you violate someone's privacy they may become very ANGRY with you. This may cost you:

1. a relationship
2. jobs
3. money 

Be aware of proper email etiquette. Beware you "Reply-all" people. Bcc!!! I don't need everyone in the internet ether knowing my email addresses. Neither do your valued clients, business relationships, mentors, and friends. 

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