Sunday, May 31, 2009

Question 89: How do I get my own national talk show? I have 18+ years as a clinical psychologist.

The person who asked this question has a great resume and is working on a self-help book. Working in a niche of the self-help industry myself, I know at least a dozen million-dollar speakers who are all trying to create their own shows. These speakers have best-selling books, large followings, and connections. While I have seen some as "guests" on other people's talk shows, I've yet to see any with their own show.

I tell you this, not to discourage you, just to give you some perspective on the challenges of getting a show on National TV, for a currently "unknown" person. Television may have more political hurdles than any medium since advertising has a lot to do with the decision making process. 

Here's how to get started:

1. Get mentors in the talk show world

2. Start building a following by creating a video blog

3. Check out local cable stations for a way in or "pay to play" air time

4. Finish that book so you'll be viewed as a bookable guest expert 

5. Get on a reality show, don't wind up with Bret Michaels or Flava Flav, and then create your own spin-off (I wish this one was a joke)

Learn the politics of the talk show world inside and out. Be very specific in your niche branding. Build BUILD BUILD relationships!  

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