Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Question 91: Is the business always this slow?

I think I've heard that question every month for the last 10 years. I guess it's because as a coach, half of the people who come to me are out of work. So it can be the busiest time ever and for the out of work people, it still feels slow.

The entertainment industry is ever-changing. With strikes, de-facto strikes, run-away production, tax incentive states, right-to-work states, changing technology, expensive equipment, in-expensive equipment, people retiring, new people entering the industry, and on and on...

Is the business slow? Who knows. It is what it is. If there is someone, anyone, out there working, you can be too. Instead of looking for an excuse like "its slow" to allow yourself off the hook or blame for your being out of work,  ask yourself, what can I be doing to generate work for myself no matter what the state of the industry?

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