Monday, September 21, 2009

question 203: Am I allowed to write music that I like into my scripts? Especially if I produce it myself?

Not really a career coach question. I should say, "SPEAK TO A LAWYER," and leave it at that... but, I'm me, so here's a little something. When I worked in development, we were told when reading a script, that putting music in a script is a no-no because someone could hate the song and pass on the script. Something to consider. Personally, music inspires me when I write, and there have been scripts where I've written: A classic 70's song like Lola by the Kinks.

Now, actually using it is a WHOLE other thing. You CAN NOT (again, check with a lawyer) use someone else's music without paying royalties or their permission. You can find royalty free music on the internet, but using music that someone owns the rights to, NO.

If I'm off base, please chime in lawyers and such...

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