Monday, October 5, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 217: How do you make money in this business?!?!?

He went on to discuss that he is the "King of the freebies." Well, there is lots of money to be made in this business, and the industry is also ever-changing which means that less money is being divvied here and more is being taken over there...

What this means to you, King, is that you have to be creating relationships with people who can hire you for money in conjunction with doing the freebies. In a past post I listed reasons why freebies are right for some people. What's important to remember is while you are working on freebies you MUST be building relationships with people who HAVE money, otherwise you get dubbed "The King of the Freebies."

This is what coaching does. You learn the strategies to target the right people, get in the door, make a great impression, maintain the the relationships, get first paid job, market it, get hired for paying jobs from that point forward.

I don't normally plug my events in this blog, but literally my "Greenlight Your Career Bootcamp" happening in Los Angeles, October 24-26 gives you the tools, strategies, and blueprints for exactly that. So, if this is the next step for you, which it sounds like it is, contact me for more information and how you can get a discounted rate.

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