Saturday, October 10, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 222: with my film degree & shorts no paid credits, do I include non-film work on a film production resume?

No, it makes you look green. The key is to have a neat resume so people can immediately find what they are looking for. Columns achieve that purpose. You don’t want to give them any reason to pass you up in their large piles, so dates are not recommended, nor are any classes that may make you appear “green.”

1. Put your name, classification (director in your case), and contact info at the top
2. Underneath, start 3 columns. The first, the name of your project (you don't have to list it specifically being a short if you don't choose to, nor does it matter that you haven't been paid), next the production company, and third, would be the producer. (note: these column headings change based on classification. The person who asked this question is a director)
2.5 IF you have any other entertainment industry experience other than directing that can beef up your resume you can list it in the same column format beneath your primary goal. For example: if you've been a 1st AD, or a PA that shows your set experience. Some DPs who have lesser known DP credits, also list blockbuster OP credits.
3. List any awards
4. List any Special Skills (that pertain to your ability to direct OR make for interesting conversation that would cause someone to say, "Hmm. interesting skill. I want to call him and ask him about this.")
5. Education if you went to film school or if you went to a recognizable school where there is a large alumni base (it may be a way to connect with someone who went there)

Remember, if you're just starting with a lean resume, you will not be getting jobs based off of it, you'll be getting jobs based off the relationships you create. The resume is just a way for someone with whom you've started a relationship, to be able to formally catalogue you and your contact info.

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