Sunday, October 18, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 230: How am I supposed to change my perspective on something I hate doing?

This was a question I received about yesterday's blog entry on procrastination. What the person is referring to is where I wrote:

3. Change your perspective on what you're doing. In general, people don't procrastinate on things they enjoy doing. So, how can you turn something you don't enjoy into something you do? If you need ideas, let me know.

The way to change your perspective is to give yourself other options. For example: The majority of the people I speak to at events say that they "hate networking." Then after 3 hours with me at my "5 Keys to Your Success at a Networking Event," they discover how fun it can be and strategies for overcoming their "networking obstacles." They change their perspective.

So, how do you change your perspective?

1. Get outside of yourself: find someone who's had success doing what you don't like to do and listen to their perspective on it. Find out what makes them successful at it. Hearing someone else's positive take on it gives you a new perspective. You have to choose to take it on as your own, though.

2. Brainstorm with people outside of the industry on what you can do to make the task you don't like enjoyable. I suggest outsiders because they have no experience with the uniqueness of the business from an artist/craft person's perspective.

3. Ask yourself over and over, "what would make it enjoyable?" Keep asking until you get an answer. Right now you've made a decision that it's not enjoyable so there are no other options. In other words, you've cut off the possibility that it can be any other way. So what if it were enjoyable? What would make it that way?

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