Thursday, October 29, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 243: When calling my network, what do I ask these people I may have only met once at an event?

Ask for anything but work! If you just met them once at a networking event, they don't know you well enough to hire you yet. There is always the chance though, that you'll catch them on a day when they are looking to hire, so ask a question that shows you're looking for work, without actually putting them on the spot. For example:

"I met you at [insert the name of the networking event]. I thought that perhaps you could advise me on other worthwhile organizations that I can join to meet [insert classification(s) of people who hire you] who hire [insert your classification], such as myself."

Now the person knows you're looking for work in your classification, yet you didn't put him/her on the spot. If they are interested they'll offer. If they aren't, at least you've given them something they can say YES to.

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