Thursday, November 19, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 262: How do you live off of freelance?

You recognize that being a freelancer is the equivalent of being an entrepreneur. You treat your business the same way any CEO of a company would treat his/her company. In addition, you recognize the nature of being a freelancer. That means that because work could potentially be feast or famine, you save for "rainy days."

What I personally encourage my clients to do, is:

I once believed that if I spent even a week taking a vacation, that it would cost my entertainment career. It didn't. Nor did having a supplemental, full-time, income job for 11 years. People in our industry are so afraid to take the time to build an additional income stream. You can choose fear, or you can take a risk. With fear, you know you'll never get any supplemental or passive income streams going. With risk... you never know.

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