Friday, December 11, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 284: How do I make it as a director if I have controversial political views that I'm outspoken about?

This person went on to say, "I'm a conservative republican. And that will never change. I've had many friends tell me that 'you have to leave that to make it in this industry.' However, I'm not willing to. I'm not willing to sacrifice "me" to get that next directing job."

Fear not, some of my best friends are conservative republicans others are liberal democrats. This industry is so huge. You have to find the people with like-minded sensibilities. And also have the good sense to know when, and when not, to discuss politics.

This is in direct response to his movie trailer that I watched: Your first directing piece is controversial. If it's controversial enough to make a lot of money, you'll get more work. Keep in mind, that because your first work is so specific, that you may indeed, "pigeon-hole" yourself. That isn't always a negative thing if you enjoy the genre you're being pigeon-holed into.

I always tell people to think about their long term goals and make choices that are in alignment with both their goals and their values. Usually the two don't conflict. If you feel that they will conflict down the line, then you my friend, are at a cross roads, and you must decide... do you want to be known for your political views or your storytelling?

There is no right or wrong answer, just a decision to be made.

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Thank you for your blog, Jessica. To the readers, I am the filmmaker who asked this question. And here is the trailer she was referring to for my film "An Inconsistent Truth". We have four trailers online. If you youtube the title "An Inconsistent Truth" the first three trailers will pop up. Here's the fourth and most recent one:

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