Tuesday, January 26, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 330: Why are the singers on American Idol SO bad and I can't get on because I'm 29?

Well, I must point out that the guy who sang, "Pants on the Ground," was 62 and DID make it onto the show. Look, it's a game show. There are rules and you can't be older than 28, apparently.

However, keep in mind, that the first few weeks of auditioning are entertainment. They have 10,000 people or so per/city. The judges are not seeing all of them, which means that screening pre-judges are deciding who the final contestants are to see the judges. They send through the really good and the really... unusual.

BUT, if you truly are better than the American Idol contestants, there's a nifty website called YouTube and YOU can let the world decide how good you really are.

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