Saturday, February 20, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 355: How do I get noticed without dressing like a hooker?

I wish this was from a guy, that would have been even funnier. Usually when you're "getting noticed" for what you're wearing (unless it's because the person is in rapport with you because you have the same style) it's a bad thing.

SO how do you get noticed? By talking to people about what you're passionate about, opening up about yourself, and sharing personal stories. That's how you get noticed because you're being yourself and people can connect to you.

I know, I make it sound so easy, but you know what? It really can be that easy... so start talking!

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SoCalTiger said...

If you dress like a hooker, people will think you're a hooker and they aint' gonna be interested in hiring you to do anything other the tasks listed in a hooker's job description. It may work once or twice but it won't make a career. Ditto for drinking too much at industry events, award shows, etc. You want to be remembered as someone who may be responsible enough to hire, not the one who needed to be helped out the door.

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