Sunday, September 26, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 572: What's more effective, phone calls or emails?

Here's how the actual question read: "Just a quick question for you: I'm in the process of setting up my progress tracking and sending out several emails to contacts. Was looking over your handout regarding the "call objective sheet" and realize that it could also be substituted for an "email objective sheet," but I was wondering if that was the right train of thought? In our currently technological and networked world, where do phone calls come in? How important are they now that it seems many people prefer to read and respond vs. talk on the phone?"

My advice is to ask people how they would like to be followed up with. As you stated in your question, people prefer to respond to emails. If you are finding that to be true, then that's how you want to stay in touch.

That said, I've always coached that the order of most effective to least effective (for most people) is: Best- face to face, then- phone, and least- email. The reason being is because of the way humans communicate. We develop stronger rapport in person (how many ended friendships started with a misread emoticon in an email?).

Communication is 7% the words, 38% your tonality (how you say the words), 55% physiology. In an email, all you have are the words, so the majority of communication is lost and can be misunderstood.

Respect your contacts' wishes, and when ever possible, go face to face or phone.

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