Thursday, October 7, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 582: Do you think youth have an advantage because of their excited optimism?

The question added: I continue to understand in a clearer light where the phrase "we are our own worst enemy" comes from. Self doubt, fear, intimidation, discouragement, etc. are heavy burdens and can truly create a heavy load to carry on the journey of many a gifted artist! I suppose that perhaps this can be why successful ventures are frequently stumbled into by the confidence and excited optimism of youth ... in that nervous innocence we tend to take a more "action" oriented approach versus "thinking" about the best plan of attack and ultimately "thinking" ourselves right into another day, week, month, year, etc!!

Here's how I feel about this: Confident, excited youths don't just stumble upon success. Confidence and excitement at EVERY AGE, attracts people and opportunities. Therefore, if you are dealing with fear, self-doubt, etc, (again, at ANY age), you have to do the personal development work to shift your mindset. I've worked with people who were burnt out on the industry, beaten down by lack of acknowledgment, and ready to give up. Those who were willing to re-ignite their passion, despite their "baggage from the past," went on to relaunch successful careers.

The mind is a very powerful thing. You MUST gain control over your thoughts. Sometimes, it takes a lot of work. Other times, people are just ready... and it happens instantly. Either way, whatever your age, you can have genuine confidence and excitement about what you do and people will be drawn to you and want to work with you.

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