Sunday, October 10, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 585: Is there really a point to creating my own content for web series if I don't have name talent for it?

YES YES YES!!!! It's not just about selling your product, although that would be a bonus. It's about getting your brand out there. It's about having control over how people perceive you by the work you show. If you're an actor you can create the exact roles you want to play and brand yourself as such. If you're a writer it gives people the chance to hear your voice. If you're a producer or a director, you get to showcase the genre you are pursuing. If you are any other classification your goal is to find the writers and talent to showcase the genre you're pursuing.

Could you sell it? You wouldn't be breaking new ground. It's been done. And even some who didn't sell their work got great meetings out of it.

And most importantly, you're working on something, keeping your creative juices flowing, and giving you something you're passionate about to talk about. That goes a REALLY long way when you're networking.

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