Thursday, October 28, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 603:When I do BG work I bond with the AD and 2nd AD but don't know how to send a a thank you card to them.

And by BG she is referring to background work. Anytime you create a relationship with someone, you can ask for their contact information. You can be cute and say, "at the risk of ruining the surprise, I'd like to send you a thank you note. How might I send that to you?" They may respond with their address, or give you an email, or their card with the info on it.

If they say, "you don't have to do that," listen very closely to HOW they are saying it. If they are a bit stand-offish, like "I don't want to give this person my contact information," then just drop it and look them up on Facebook a week later. Send them a friend request with a reminder of where you met. If you don't know their last name, try to get a call sheet (If they are a "green set" their call sheet may be on an iPad, and you'll have to use some detective work).

If they say it in a way that they are just being modest, say, "well, I've really enjoyed meeting you and would like to stay in contact. You never know when I may be able to help you connect with someone for another job you may be seeking, etc." Then ask for a card and if they don't have one ask if they'd like to write down their contact info or connect on Facebook.

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