Saturday, October 30, 2010

question 605:What do I do when I go back to my old ways after I've worked with you?

Okay, this is one of my old clients, so I know his history. Here's the bottom line. Times are tough for some people, my business has changed, and not everyone can afford to work with me. That said, anyone who has worked with me has the tools they need to succeed. This person in particular has extraordinary tools and the ability to use them. So I will ask you this question:
What was different about how you were working when you were working with me?

Break it down for yourself. Just knowing you, I can identify 2 things that I know are different, but you have to be able to recognize them, as opposed to me telling you (and for all of you cynics out there, I'm not referring to his paying me to coach him, I'm talking about 2 specific tools he was using all of the time that I know he's stopped using).

Then you have to ask yourself, "how can I think outside of the box and reincorporate those tools into my business work, even without being held accountable by Jessica?"

My goal is not to have you coach with me forever, it's to teach you the tools, help you to master them, and then send you out into the world to be a success. Every time someone thanks me for what they've accomplished, I appreciate the acknowledgment, but remind them, that they did the work- not me.

A race car driver can thank his pit crew for maintaining his car, but he's the one who drives it to win the race. SO DRIVE, my friend... drive!

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