Saturday, November 20, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 626:How do I maintain my focus on my dream when I need a full time job to survive?

The statement that you need a full time job to support yourself tells me you are not able to make enough money to sustain yourself working in your "dream job." Being the case, something is missing; contacts, enough people who can hire you, skill level, union status, etc.

While you are working your full time job, you can spend two hours a day (either after work, on a lunch hour, etc.) filling what's missing. In other words, if you need more relationships, you can spend the next year creating relationships with 120 new people (that's 10 people/month). There are many ways to do this, and 10 is a low number EVEN with a full time job.

If the thought of this overwhelms you, schedule it out. Start with lower numbers at first until you get into a groove, and then adjust as necessary. The amount of time you have is equal to everyone else. The amount of energy you have to attend to your business in addition to your job is up to your level of motivation. How badly do you want your dream to come true?

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