Thursday, January 20, 2011

entertainment industry coach question 686: What's the best way to handle it when contacts get pilots?

He continues: “These are contacts I know somewhat but I'm pretty sure I'm not their absolute first call. They're also facebook friends.”

This answer is going to depend on your credits. I happen to know the person who asked this question has an impressive credit list and has worked for the studio system before. Therefore, in your case, you can contact them to congratulate them on their pilot, and tell them that you imagine they already have their “person,” but you’ve learned by getting shows like (insert 2 of your most impressive credits here) that you never know when someone is looking a fresh (or use your own adjective) sound. Should they be interested in hearing a variety of composers (in his case) before making a final decision, you’d be happy to send your (insert marketing materials here).

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