Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 833: What is a smart question to ask at an industry Q & A?

Remember that old saying, "There are no stupid questions." Whoever said that, has never been to an entertainment industry Q & A. Okay, I'm being harsh, but it REALLY bothers me when people ask a question like this: "How would someone like me, who has (5 minutes of rambling off his/her credits) get hired by you?"

CLEARLY a resume sharing, job request, masked by a question. Unprofessional, and desperate, in my book.

A smart question, is a question that:

1. You really want the answer to, that establishes the level you're at.

2. Makes you stand out from the crowd (for example if you're at an event where everyone is asking questions about the editing, ask a question about the lighting).

3. Gives the person an opportunity to share a story.

Understand that the purpose of asking a question at a Q&A is two fold. First, you want the answer to further educate yourself. Second, you want to start a relationship, therefore the question will be a reminder of who you are when you follow up with the person.

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