Monday, June 13, 2011

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 836: is it SUPER taboo to Facebook message a casting director with a professional question?

If it's a professional question, it's not super taboo. The problem is when people have "ulterior motives" for writing that are transparent.

Ask yourself, "Do I really need to know the answer to this question, or do I already know it?" "Is there a specific reason why I need the answer from this particular casting director?"

If you have an answer to the later, be sure to include it in your message, so the casting director knows specifically why you're reaching out.

So, that's best practices. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Casting Directors are VERY busy and don't always keep up with Facebook

2. Actors bombard CDs with Facebook messages, so if a CD doesn't know you, your message could go unread.

3. If you have access to the CD another way, it may be more effective.

4. You'll never know until you try! Every CD will respond differently. Some will be open to a question, some won't. You have no control over their response, so don't take anything personally.

Your best bet is to be as professional as possible, giving the CD as many reasons to think, "Yes, I want to answer this question."

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