Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 882:I work in movies but I don't go see movies. Is that bad?

I suppose it depends on a few factors. I recently coached an editor who spends most of his time in a dark room editing movies and in his spare time wants to do something else. Can you blame him? That said, you are the CEO of your company and you have to make the best decisions for your company. If the CEO of McDonald's wasn't staying current on what was going on in the fast food industry, he wouldn't have kept it competitive. Now McD's serves coffee drinks and "healthy choices." So, do you want to be up to date and current in your industry?

I love romantic comedies, but to me, the classics are Pretty Woman, Working Girl, and While You Were Sleeping. When some of my clients hear this, they reprimand me for missing the classics of their generations. If I'm going to continue to market myself as the "romantic comedy girl," I have to at least give these older classics a chance (even though nothing can beat Pretty Woman!)

Unless you have a specific reason, like the editor, why wouldn't you support the people and the medium that keeps you working?

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