Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 940: You said something about a business card barrage. What were you talking about?

Ah yes, the "business card barrage." I was referring to the time at the end of an event or a Q &A, when the "guest(s) of honor" stays after to meet & greet. There is a large portion of the audience who hand the guest(s) their business card, sometimes without even a "hello."

It also happens at networking events, when certain people walk around the room and hand their card to every person, without an introduction. Now if someone was doing that with hundred dollar bills, it would be welcome. Business cards are another story. They are NOT a substitute for you. The purpose of a business card is so that a person can follow up with you AFTER you create a relationship. Handing someone a business card who doesn't know you serves no purpose. People have to know you, like you, and trust you before they'll hire you, so to hand them a card and walk away is like making a cold call, not to mention unprofessional.

Instead, focus on meeting a smaller number of people and spending time talking to them before exchanging cards.

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Anonymous said...

Business cards are the hard source of promoting your company and service, so it is very important to have as it identifies your firm.

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TheGreenlightCoach said...

I agree Fatima that everyone should have a business card that represents his/her brand. It's how they use the business card that concerns me. If a card said "Call me and I'll give you $100" everyone would want that card, but if you're a camera operator and you're handing your card to every person at a networking event saying only "I'm a camera operator and I'm available" it is both a waste of your card and your time. New slogan "Save a tree; Create a relationship"

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