Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 971: How reasonable is it to pursue acting and production work at the same time?

Extremely reasonable. The people who hire you for acting jobs are different than the people who hire you for PA jobs. Both require the same business tools for generating work, so you can chunk your time. For example, you can chunk out two hours to research new contacts to target. You can spend the first hour researching for acting contacts and the second hour for researching PA contacts.

Both jobs get you on set where you have the opportunity to create relationships.

What's important is to have a "passion story" for both. The reason is if someone who knows you as an actor sees you on set as a PA and asks you about it, you can tell them your passion story. An example may be that your long term goal is to be an actor with a production company so during your pursuit of acting work, you're familiarizing yourself with work on the set.

The key element is believing in what you're doing, so should anybody tell you that you can't do both, your confidence in your decision will prove that you can.

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