Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1005: If you learn about a production should you send your resume

The entire question read: If you learn about a project in advance and find a contact like the
production coordinator on linkedin or email address. Should you send
them your resume and cover letter to get on the project? I did this a several months ago and got a response from the production coordinator of a film, but they were crewed up. I found out who was the production coordinator for another movie coming and would like to send them my resume and cover letter.

There are a few things for me to point out here:
1. You did this once and you had some success with (you received a response which is more than most people get).
2. The response was that you were too late. Therefore, I would work to get in even earlier when possible by talking to the people in your state's film commission office to find out what's coming down the pike.
3. To better your odds, you could get a referral. So once you know about a project, immediately write to all of your contacts and ask if they know anyone working on the project so that you can send that person your resume with your contact's name as a referral.
4. If you get another "we're all crewed up" consider offering to work for free for a short time on the project if possible, so that you can build relationships with the people working on the production. You never know when they'll be coming back on another film and may need a local. And you can add them to your contact list so that next time you do #3, perhaps they know someone working on the project you're pursuing.

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