Friday, February 10, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1070:What's the best way of dealing with "the pests" I don't want to be rude

This was a question from the other side of the coin. After listening to my free teleseminar How to Pursue People Without Being a Pest, this gentleman wrote to me:

I am wondering about the best way of dealing with "the pests" - I don't want to be rude - and simply ignore them....but when I have asked people to not email their "funny" or political emails - some don't stop. Any strategies?

Ummm.. first tell them to listen to my call, although that may fall on deaf ears as most pests don't recognize that they're pests.

Second, write them one more time saying that this is a difficult email to write because you've written to them before in regards to this issue, and you don't want to be rude, but that if they continue to send this type of email, you are going to block them from your email. Again, say that you are not being rude, but you want them to understand that in your position you get [100- or insert your # here] emails a day, and with your work and family, barely have time to go through and get to the important ones. Say that you value your professional relationship and ask that when emailing you, it is for professional reasons ONLY. Then thank them.

If they don't respect that, then it is HE or SHE who is being rude, so BLOCK THEM! Or report them as SPAM. Some pests have to learn email etiquette the hard way.

This tough love has been provided by The Greenlight Coach :)

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Bruce Goren said...

Good advice, been there done that but not recently. I've notice a trend the past few years as services like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ rise in popularity to near ubiquity. Pest, gag, political, risque, chain and other dopey e-mails have dwindled to a trickle as all but the most clueless have migrated their casual communications to social media.

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