Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1103: How do I avoid being a networking fool?

Well he didn't exactly say that. He was far more eloquent: When I am at a party or industry event, and I want to say hi to / network with someone important, I don't know when to cut in / interrupt. I stand there and wait, not wanting to be rude, but then I feel like I am hovering. As soon as I get ten seconds with the person, someone interrupts us ("What's up, dude!"), and I am left feeling unimportant and foolish.

What I told him, in a personal email is that he really needs to take my 5 Keys to Your Success at a Networking Event Seminar. The reason being is because, I can tell you what to do, but until you are practicing the exercises (and in my seminars it's a safe environment) and really get the timing and your wording right, it's still going to be intimidating.

Therefore I invite all of you to sign up for my FREE newsletter (see link below) because I tell you my schedule and when and where I will be giving that particular seminar for free.

But to give you a little written help, it's all about confidence and realizing that the difference between you and the "important person" are the opportunities that he/she had. As soon as you take people off the pedestal and recognize that you have something important to say that will enrich their lives to know, conversations will happen naturally.

In my Triple Your Contacts Doing What You Love product (also available on my site, lots of promotion in this blog because this is a big issue for masses of people and I want you to know I have solutions for you) I cover a lot of what goes on in my seminar, while tying it to the things you love to do. In addition, I give you a list of icebreakers to help get into the conversation... none of which include "what's your sign?"

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