Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1203:My parents have given me a deadline to make $ or they will stop supporting me. Can I speed up the process?

Ummm... well, if you plan to make a career in entertainment, you are going to have to support yourself during the ups and downs of being a freelancer. So, my first suggestion is to focus on your entertainment career AND a secondary source of income other than your parents. Just a suggestion...

How do you speed up the process?

1. You continue to master your craft

2. Create as many relationships as humanly possible

3. Seek out A-list mentors

4. Help others

5. Feel the fear and act in spite of it!

There are specific strategies, which vary per individual. When I coach people I give them an evaluation to determine where they are. For some people it can happen quickly because all they are missing is the right strategy. But in MOST cases, what's missing are the number if relationships with people who hire. So if you know you don't know enough people who can hire you, then you know where to start,

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