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Monday, July 9, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1217:how I would go about becoming an extra in movies and TV?

The question continues "I have no experience and I was wondering what steps I had to take to get into the industry."

It depends on if you plan to stay in Detroit. If so, you can start

1. Google "Movie Extra Casting Companies in Detroit" and variations of that until you find legitimate companies.

2. You can also contact the Michigan Film commission and ask them about legitimate extra casting agencies, as well as what film and tv are shooting or coming to shoot.

3. Once you know what television shows are being shot in Detroit, or somewhere close to you, call the company and ask them for the contact number of the extras agency they use.

4. Once you know what films are coming to town, call the production company and ask them for the contact number of the extras agency they use. The film commission should have that information or IMDBpro

Regarding having no experience, as far as being background talent, you don't need experience. You need to be professional, on time, and follow directions. You are usually told to bring a few choices of specific wardrobe. You may be given a direction that involves the term "hit your mark" that simply means the spot they tell you to end at. There may or may not be a piece of gaffer's tape to "mark" the spot, hence the name.

Many companies will start you out in a big scene like a stadium shot where hundreds of people are needed to fill seats.

You may or may not need professional pictures. Many Extras Casting Agencies take their own pictures for their books. Be sure to dress for the type you want to be cast in. If you look great in a suit, wear a suit, if you want to be cast as the "person walking down the street or in the mall" dress as you would doing that. If you are tatted up and pierced, that is a specific type, so dress accordingly.

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