Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1219: how do I make the most of a trip to LA?

The question continued: "I'm trying to plan a trip to LA this summer to work on contacts and push the movie my production company made."

Most people plan a trip to LA, by figuring out how many airline points they have, where they're going to stay, and how much they have to save up to eat. Once they arrive, they try and figure out where to meet people.

Before you even consider the logistics of taking a trip LA, create a plan for your trip. Who do you want to meet? What companies do you want to screen your movie for? Have a target list. Once you have your target list, if you realize you have no idea how to get to any of the people or companies on the list, you have a lot more work to do before booking a trip.

If it's not necessary to you to be so specific about who you're meeting, at least research networking events and film festivals. If you can't fill your calendar with at least 5 events in a week, it's time to do more work before booking a trip.

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