Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1225:I want to get back into production after 10 years. What's the best way?

Because I know this person, I know he has transferrable skills from the career he's had over the past decade. Based on that, here's my advice: take meetings with at least 3 people you're still connected to in the "biz" and discuss...

1. What you want to do in production

2. Based on your past production jobs and the skills you have now, where they think you fit in

3. How to market your skills from past and present to make you an enticing package to someone who's hiring. In other words, how do your skills from your job now, give you a unique perspective, tied in with your past set experience, to make you the best person for the job?

Once you and your 3 advisors have come up with a plan of action, ask them for referrals to other people who can help you. Also, get back in touch with your old contacts. If they are no longer in the biz, ask if they can refer you to people they know who are.

You may need my advice on your resume, so feel free to ask. Your corporate resume is not going to translate in the world of the "creatives."

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