Sunday, July 22, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1230:You commented on Facebook "tech-etiquette." What are the rules?

What are the rules to Facebook tech-etiquette? I have no rules, only opinions. And here are my opinions:

1. Facebook is a great resource and a necessity for creating business relationships in our industry.

2. Treat people with the same respect on Facebook with which you would treat them in person. If you wouldn't be sneaky and calculating in person, don't do it on FB.

An aside: what I was referring to in my Facebook status about "tech-etiquette" was in regards to a "FB friend" who I did not actually know, posting a link to his business on my wall.

First of all, I think it's rude to post a link for your business, without permission, on someone else's wall. But second of all, and what I found most offensive, was that he tied in my previous status in order to do it. I posted that my mom baked cookies for me. He then posted on my wall something like: I'm going to a concert with my kids tonight, how would cookies tie into that? And if I can help you with your business let me know (with his link attached). HELLO!!! TRANSPARENT!!! If he genuinely wanted to help me he should have sent me a private email.

So what does this have to do with you? Don't go on other people's FB pages and post a link to YOUR reel/website without their permission.

3. People don't necessarily check their FB inbox/page as often as you do. So if you need something in a timely manner don't contact them through FB. If it's your only link to them, don't take it personally if it takes them a while to get back to you. Personally, I have over 1000 messages in my FB inbox that I have not read or responded to. I get 300/day to my business email account. I just don't have time to correspond with people on FB. Not personal...

4. What is FB good for then? Building relationships with people whom before you had no access to. I've built business relationships with people on FB, whom I'd heard about for years. In the past year I've met many of them in person.

How did I build these relationship? I post statuses and links that are helpful to others and informative about me (ie: I don't tell them when I'm going to the bathroom or that I'm "just being"). I post pictures that represent what I like and what others can relate to (ie: I have dogs, I like 80's hairbands, I like gluten free macaroni & cheese) because these are conversation/comment starters. I help others by posting job leads. I comment on other people's statuses that I relate to (I will jump on any Anchorman quote status I see!!).

5. Know your audience! If you have a mix of professional and personal friends, be aware of "who you're being on FB." While your friends may find it funny that you went to a "sexy lingerie party," that's probably TMI for your business associates.

And no, I don't think you need separate FB pages for your business and for your personal, unless you're doing something specific on your fan page. I post these questions on my business page NOT my Jessica Sitomer page. If you are an overactive party person who enjoys over-indulging in drugs, alcohol, sex clubs, and streaking, and must share it with the world... all power to you. Just know that you are narrowing the people who will want to work with you. They may want to party with you, but they won't want to trust you with their 100 million dollar project...

And REALLY remember, that people have long-term memories. So what might be funny to you now at 23 may hurt you in five years when someone remembers your crazy FB antics.

Just my opinions. They could change tomorrow, in which case, I'll blog about it...

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