Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1238:New to LA, How do I prove myself when nobody out here knows me?

Here's how the question read: "I am fresh in LA after working as a producer & editor for 20 years in Florida. How do I prove myself when nobody out here knows me and it seems like everybody out here fudges their level of experience when looking for work?" 

You start with the fact that nobody knows you. In order for them to know you, you need to be out networking with people. It takes 3 conversations to create a relationship, so while you're having those conversations, your experience and credibility should be revealed through the stories you share.

People who are fudging experience are out of your control. You can't monitor or change what others are doing, all you can do is be grateful that you have 20 years of legitimate
experience to speak from. The fudgers will reveal their lack of experience one way or another.

At this point you want to:
1. Research your market
2. Target people who you want to work with
3. Reach out to them NOT for work but instead to start a relationship
4. Get referrals Get referrals Get referrals!

Because you're new to town, you get "new guy" privileges which means you can contact people and say, "Hey, I'm new in town. I see you are a producer on (a particular project you liked). I'd love to get some advice on local watering holes, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. Again, instead of going for "work" ask for things that people love to talk about; their favorite beach hangout, theater, hiking spot. Then once you get a relationship started you can start talking business.

No, it's not the fastest way to get work, but had you sent me this question before you moved, I would have had you doing months of groundwork before you made the move.

That said, it can also happen over night. There are no rules and it just takes one great new contact to change everything! 

Keep the questions coming on your journey! 

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