Saturday, July 28, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1236:How do I reinvent myself as a director?

One of the best resources is mentors. I interviewed a director for Greenlight Mentor Series who moved up from being a Steadi-cam operator. Another came from the movie-of-the-week & promo world. There are many ways to break in, so you want to learn about the politics of it all.

If you have a DGA branch where you live, go in and meet with them. Also, network with their members so you can go with them as guests to DGA events.

You say you have good contacts. You have to be specific about that. Are they people who can hire you as a director, refer you as a director, or something else?

What specifically are you feeling unfocused about? How to direct an episode of network TV? If so, that would be a mentor question. Or are you unsure of how to get your pilot seen by networks?

I need more information on you as an individual and it would be a coaching call. The answers in this blog post are general ways to change classifications, and they work.

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