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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1246: Can YOU teach an "old dog" new tricks?

Yes I can, and yes I have. The key is that said "old dog" is willing to learn the new tricks. Like most dogs, if he likes treats, he has to obey to get them.

Okay enough with the dog metaphors.

Back to your question. Many industry veterans have come to me when they got to a point where they realized they had been fighting against change and lost. They wanted me to teach them new ways of generating work. Most took the new tools and ran with them and because of their stellar career had no problem re-emerging into the industry. Others, however, preferred that I do the work for them, or give them a magic bullet. They really didn't want to have to do things differently than they'd always done it. Why? Because who wouldn't like to have a career where the phone rings because people are seeking you out. Unfortunately, these industry veterans are still sitting by their phone waiting for it to ring... and it's not ringing.

Don't make the same mistake. Be open to learning new ways of generating work. Embrace fabulous, free ways to network like Facebook. Be willing to ask for help. And continue to ask questions.

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