Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1279: do you think having a weird hair color is hurtful and limiting or is beneficial and makes you stand out as an actor?

It is both. Having a weird hair color makes you a character. If a Casting Director is looking for a young mom for a Tide commercial, he won't be calling in a young mom with purple hair. However, having a weird hair color makes you stand our for parts that call for the type of person that has weird hair color. So if the next day that same Casting Director gets a a Coke commercial that calls for hipsters, he will call in people with weird hair, tattoos, and piercings.

You can look at it as everyone is "limited" to their type. The questions you want to research are:
1. How many people am I competing against with weird colored hair?
2. How many casting calls am I seeing for people with weird colored hair?
3. How many roles do I see on TV or in films with people my age/gender with weird colored hair?

Then you can decide if you want to go with the permanent color, or the trendy wash outs.

Bottom line is, you want to feel true to yourself and confident when you are auditioning. If your headshots are captivating, you could get called in for a role that didn't call for weird colored hair, just because the Casting Director wants to see your take on the character.

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